Noragami OVA 2

     I had always been a little confused about Noragami due to the fact that it seemed to straddle the border between humour and drama in a way that left me wondering as to what the show wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Noragami but I got a little bored of the show around the halfway point.

     The second OVA focused on the downtime of the gods and their shinki, as well as expanded a bit on how shinki can get new masters thanks to Takamagahara’s job pamphlet. Apparently, the dead are treated much better than the living in terms of how much the government cares about the unemployed or dissatisfied worker.

     The first half of the OVA was focused on a flower-viewing party with pretty much every recurring character on the show. It featured details from the manga that I remember weren’t in the anime, like the deal with Yukine’s dead friend and how Yato helped Vaisravana out during her crisis with Kugaha. It mostly featured the shinki having a blast, Yato and Vaisravana’s drinking contest, and Kazuma being the universe’s best subordinate. I want my own Kazuma.

     The shinki, in between having fun, try to keep Yato and Vaisravana from fighting so that they can relax (and not paint the sakura red with anyone’s blood, of course). Kuraha’s circus act and how Vaisravana’s shinki all seem to treat him like some sort of cat or dog is very cute. Despite their efforts, things come to a head but instead of fists flying, Vaisravana begins to cry about all her failures such as the annihilation of the Ma clan and the Kugaha incident, and how her enemy Yato had to be the one to save her. Yato’s obvious reaction to that is to give her a pseudo-kiss to stop her from crying, I guess? I’m not sure if he meant for her to cheer up and stop putting herself down, or if he was just drunk.


     Everyone’s reactions (Kazuma and Kofuku in particular) were hilarious. Considering Kazuma’s love for Vaisravana, I expected him to say or do something more, but he didn’t.

     The second half of the OVA was about how shinki have to fill out satisfaction surveys and if they’re not happy with their workplace, Takamagahara could help them find a new god to serve. We get to see just how depressing life was for Mayu (then Tomone) during her time with Yato, and how Yato seems to worry that Yukine would leave him once he heard about this job transfer service (hence why he kept it a secret from him until Daikoku showed him the pamphlet).


     Now that the focus is strictly on the main three again (with minor cuts to the other gods’ reading the happy results of their surveys), we get the usual Yato abuse. I kind of feel bad for him, but he really is at fault for why Hiyori and Yukine treat him so coldly half the time. The second half was sweet with how Yukine cares for Yato in his own way like how he wrote that he doesn’t plan on transferring jobs any time soon, despite how he complains about the terrible conditions at every opportunity.



     Look at this smile! It’s absolutely priceless. He may be kind of an asshole and a pain to deal with on a daily basis, but I would totally love the opportunity to work with Yato if it means I get to see that smile every day.

Overall Enjoyment: 7.5/10


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