Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus #3


     His jokes are so funny, I could just die.

     This week’s Kuroshitsuji is as exciting as the past episodes, as we see a bit more of the mysterious Noah’s Ark circus. I’m so taken with the adorable Dagger (Okamoto Nobuhiko) and Joker (Miyano Mamoru) that I almost forget that this circus has sketchy ties with the missing children problem. Friends of mine who are fans of the Kuroshitsuji manga have doled praise for the circus arc since I was in high school, and so I have high hopes for Book of Circus; so far, I haven’t been disappointed, either by the story, or the characters, or the animation.


     I like the character of Snake a lot so far due to his character design, the fact he’s always covered with snakes (that I adore due to their faces), and how he gives his snakes individual voices when he tells people what they’re saying. The fact he is voiced with Terashima doesn’t sit right with me; no matter how much I like a character (ex: Kisaragi Shintaro from Mekakucity Actors), I feel uncomfortable liking them due to the Kokoro Connect incident from two years ago. It’s a bit of a shame, really.

     In the circus, the main actors and performers (Joker, Beast, Dagger, Snake…) all have their own individual tents in a bordered-off section. The first tent leading to that area is Snake’s, which is guarded by poisonous vipers. As Sebastian and Ciel quickly note, that seems a little suspicious!


     Ciel isn’t too pleased about the fact that Sebastian volunteered him to join the circus as well, but Sebastian wins Ciel over by asking if Ciel is okay with Sebastian making his own decisions when it’s Ciel’s game.


     Though Ciel was terrible at knife-throwing and walking on a tightrope, he managed to get through Joker’s tests thanks to Sebastian. He truly is a hell of a butler. And so it is that Sebastian and Ciel become the newest members of the Noah’s Ark circus. For a travelling circus, everything is very organized … or maybe that’s just how it is with real-life travelling circuses too. I’ve never actually been to one, so I wouldn’t know. Sebastian tells Ciel that the missing children are not there at the tent, before he goes and shows off his acrobatics again.

     Dagger tells them about yet another amazing newcomer that joined the circus around the same time as Sebastian and Ciel, and it turns out that this so-called ‘amazing newcomer’ is none other than William T. Spears (Sugiyama Noriaki). I lovingly referred to him as ‘Glasses Sasuke’ when I watched the original series a long time ago, but I will make an effort to refer to him by his actual name. Any character voiced by Sugiyama (with the noted exception of England from Hetalia) is always given a nickname where I sum up their character in one word and then add ‘Sasuke’. It’s a thing I do.


     Are we supposed to laugh at his outfit and his name? Sebastian states that there certainly is something up with the circus if a reaper shows up undercover. I, meanwhile, was ridiculously excited at the images of Grell that they showed when they explained to the audience what a reaper is. I didn’t read the circus arc of the manga, but I sure hope Grell makes an appearance. He was my favourite character in the first Kuroshitsuji.


     All my favourites in my screenshot. I have a ridiculous fondness for Joker and Dagger already. I hope nothing terrible happens to them, and that they’re not horrible people themselves. That would ruin me.

Overall Enjoyment: 8.5/10


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