Barakamon #4


Me too, sensei …. Me too.

     First of all, I want to say a quick oops! I was out for most of the day yesterday shopping and when I got back, I watched Conan until pretty much 5:00 AM. So I have some quick blogging to do if I want to make up the lost time. This week’s Barakamon is as cute as ever, and I am really attached to Handa. He’s a huge dork and the fact he’s voiced by Ono Daisuke really helps. He pings a lot of things I like in fictional guys.

     So many things happen to Handa this episode that had me going, “oh my gosh, me too!”. His reaction upon finding out that his computer and cellphone had broken. His reaction to seeing all of those stray cats. The cat’s reaction to him. Cats don’t seem to like me very much but I’ve always been more of a dog person, so maybe I only think cats hate me, because I always look out for dog-like reactions, which obviously, they don’t give.


     Rest in fucking pieces, sensei.

     This episode introduces us to two new characters: Akki (Tama’s little brother), and Miwa’s dad. Akki is super good at video games, and Handa meets him when he visits the local shop to borrow their telephone. It was so funny seeing that Handa couldn’t use one of those old black phones, which is surprising because he doesn’t seem that young, but I guess if you grow up in a relatively rich family, even back in the day, you use … fancier phones, I guess? I kind of thought those black phones were the only types of phones that existed back then, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

     We also find out that Handa used to have chuuni-byou (eighth grader disease? I’m not sure how people sub it – the closest thing I can think of to a non-Japanese equivalent is one’s weaboo phase, which tends to happen around eighth grade), and still kind of has it even now.


     I love Handa’s interactions with the kids, especially the little ones like Naru and Hina. He’d be a great dad. Or maybe not, considering his maturity level seems to be on par with the village children.

     His fear of messing up during the second part of the episode when Miwa’s dad asks him to write a name on his new boat is relatable. I often find myself getting all scared of messing up and embarrassing myself, but unlike Handa, I don’t have a horde of adorable children to kick me out of that funk. Was Handa ever portrayed as cool in this show, because he is a giant dork and I love him a lot.


Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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