Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun #4

     This episode is a god-send. The Tomoda chapter and the mixer chapter are two of my favourites from the manga, and we get to see a lot of Mikorin, which never goes wrong. I spent practically this entire episode either laughing or trying to suppress an idiotic grin.


No, Mikorin. Showing girls your weakness will only excite them.

     I don’t know if it’s obvious but I love Mikorin. I know I said this about Handa in my Barakamon entry but dorky guys ping me really hard; Okamoto Nobuhiko is one of my favourite male seiyuu and that only served to kick me further into the Mikorin hole. The Tomoda part is when Mikoshiba and Nozaki play a dating sim game, Nozaki remarking that he thinks Tomoda is in love with the protagonist, and then that’s all they’re able to see; they eventually pull an all-nighter writing a Tomoda/Protagonist doujinshi. The second part is Mikoshiba asking Nozaki and Sakura for help because he stupidly agreed to go to a mixer even though he can’t talk to girls, but they end up having a girl’s night in the bathroom. Because all three of them are adorable idiots.

     The way Nozaki’s mind works when he first started playing the game is so funny, such as his terrible treatment of the girls (because he named the protagonist after Suzuki, and since his OTP is Suzuki/Mamiko, he made the protagonist treat the female characters horribly) and his initial view of Tomoda as the sort of friend who would bully the protagonist from the shadows and say the ever-cliche line, “I hated you the day we met.” I used to be like that when I was younger and first started playing certain video games, so it’s kind of funny for me.


     I can say with certainty that the way Nozaki came to this conclusion about Tomoda is pretty much exactly the way people who ship BL or GL think when they watch anime or play video games. In my case, at least. Of course, after Nozaki said this, that’s all Mikorin could think about whenever Tomoda appeared on-screen.


          They really, really, really got into the game.


     I love how Mikorin tries to prove that he is totally charismatic and can talk to real girls, and ends up talking about his new socks. The fact that the girls go with it and seem genuinely interested is a little strange, like, no matter how cool Mikorin looks, if a boy is talking about his awesome new socks, I probably would be a little like ‘um, ok’. I also love how Mikorin texts Sakura for help getting him out of the conversation. I don’t know how Sakura can persistently like Nozaki when Mikorin is there. Sure, Nozaki has his charm, but Mikorin.


     Mikorin is very easily persuaded to go to the mixer, after lots of praise and lots of people saying, ‘you’re the only one who can do it!’. Of course, he ends up saying something really embarrassing and starts to cry about it to Nozaki. Nozaki mentioned it when he revealed that the inspiration for Mamiko is Mikorin, but Mikorin’s habit of saying things and then getting all embarrassed about it is truly adorable.


     The rabbit ears on Nozaki’s head really start to fit in. It’s funny when he first appears with them on but they’re so natural that you just accept it. It’s amazing how he can pull it off. It’s too bad he didn’t give Mikorin a pair to wear as well. Mikorin’s attempts to practice mixer conversation on Nozaki and Sakura unsurprisingly fail, as Nozaki doesn’t do anything outside of his career as a manga artist, and Sakura is too obsessed with Nozaki to talk about anything else. You’d figure that Mikorin would be the boke of the show but he’s an excellent tsukkomi.


     A girl’s night out with Mikorin sounds like it would be fantastic. A date with Mikorin.

Overall Enjoyment: 9.5/10


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