Tokyo Ghoul #5


     This feels like the start of a Hannibal episode

     Episode 5 of Tokyo Ghoul hovered the fine line between exciting and a chore. The first part that set up how Tsukiyama “Vile Pervert” Shu planned his trap and showed Kaneki visiting Touka and Hinami had me half wanting to stop watching and go shopping. The second part that showed Kaneki, Nishio, and Touka busting in to save Nishio’s girlfriend from Tsukiyama was a little more interesting. I kind of like Nishio when I first saw him because ha ha look at him, and I’m glad that my gut feeling isn’t wrong.

     I’m really glad Mamo is Tsukiyama because Mamo is an amazing actor when it comes to these kinds of roles, and Tsukiyama would be a lot less enjoyable if it was literally anybody other than Mamo voicing him. At this point, I’m honestly like, ‘go away and never come back’ towards Tsukiyama, and not even in the good way. He’s so pretentious with all his different languages thrown in, like, I bet he must be great at parties.


     Touka seems like she would be a pretty good friend. She even stomached human food that her pal Yoriko made for her, even though it tastes like shit to her. This does have the nasty side effect that she was initially unable to use her kagune in the fight against Tsukiyama thanks to her terrible diet of human slop instead of, well, human flesh.

     Before Kaneki finds out that Touka’s been eating too much human food, he takes Touka’s “I ate too much” to mean that she ate too many humans, and is promptly shocked and all sorts of negative emotions about it. Ghouls are treated as such terrible creatures because they eat humans, but honestly, it’s like how humans eat cows and sheep and stuff. It just so happens that humans are the cows and the sheep. It’s not like all of them are Rize, where they eat more than they need; it seems that most of the Ghouls just kind of eat when they’re hungry and stuff. Kaneki’s all like ‘I can’t eat humans because I’m human’ but there are and were cannibalistic societies on this planet; you’d figure with how literary and bookwormy he is, he’d have picked up a book about real-life cannibals.


     We delve into Nishio’s past this week and we see why he’s such a terrible person and has trust issues. His sister, also a Ghoul, was sold out by a human that she was close with and then she died. Hence why Nishio doesn’t trust anybody, and acted like a dick. Maybe he was always a dick, even before the whole crisis with his sister, but he was very cute and quiet in the flashback. I’m glad my gut instinct about Nishio was right. I knew I would like this guy. Now if only he was voiced by Sakurai Takahiro… Oh, wait, Uta is! I wonder where he is…

Overall Enjoyment: 6.5/10


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul #5

  1. Reblogged this on lordonslaught20 and commented:
    So far so good “Tokyo Ghoul” is making it through the ranks of animation summer 2014. only thing we can hope for is that the people won’t act so crazy when watching these types of animes. I’ve came to an conclusion that some animations change people’s minds of how they think, react, or comprehend. it’s mostly because of these animes you see here. hopefully it won’t be this one, causing “Tokyo Ghoul” to cancel or fans would be pissed off. I don’t blame them either.


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