Barakamon #5


The much-anticipated ‘beach episode’, in which Handa manages to bring in fanservice without even taking off his shirt.

     It’s been a while since I touched my laptop since after coming back from Taiwan, I spent most of my time sleeping, playing with the dog, and watching Detective Conan to try and catch up to where it is now. I had to rewatch some of the very early episodes too, because I watched them when I was like four and so I didn’t really understand some of the cases (I watched them on TV in Japanese audio with Chinese subtitles and that was back when I didn’t know Japanese, and couldn’t read Chinese).

     Anyway, Barakamon! Beach episode! Two terms that bring a smile to my face.


     Konomon a.k.a. picked daikon is apparently so delicious, it even causes calligraphy nut Handa to lose focus. I can understand – pickled daikon is delicious. My mom’s coworker gave me a huge barrel of the stuff once and I ate it till I got a stomach-ache. It’s too bad eating too much of it can cause the flavour to get a little gross, though.


     Tama has yet another fujoshi crisis in this episode regarding Handa and Hiroshi; her voice actress really brings it – I thought she was amazing for a newcomer but then my friend told me she isn’t, and it just happens that Okubo Rumi was in a lot of shows that I just plain did not watch.

     Handa spends about 60% of the episode out cold because he keeps slipping on the rocks, which I initially wrote as ‘cocks’ and I had to take a moment to sigh and shake my head at myself. He’s so useless when it comes to islander life, it’s actually hilarious. What an endearing character.


     Blushing Handa on the verge of tears + Ono Daisuke = WHOAAAAAAA.

     Even though beach episodes usually has a dose of fan-service at the beach, this is the first time I’ve seen a beach episode bring in the cute on their way home.

     Speaking of ‘cute’, Kaji Yuki also appears at the end of the episode and will probably play a large part in the next one.


Overall Enjoyment: 8.5/10


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