Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road AKA Manami please

I pedalled through Yowapeda 2 at the speed of light so there aren’t any funny reviews for each episode. I can’t even write a good review because any memories or emotions I might have felt have been completely written over by the biking angel known as Manami Sangaku. And not entirely in a good way either.

I’m always so confused about the staff working on Yowamushi Pedal. The omakes need no comment (I love them so much). The sponsorship messages (they have so much time on their hands). They also have the gayest weirdest official art.

Look at this. My reaction is Maki-chan’s face. Look at this.

Season 1 ended with 38 episodes. I found that to be just such a weird number. Not only that, but the way it ended was really unsatisfying. It almost felt like the end of Kuragehime, where you expect one more episode to tie up all the loose ends. They had already decided on a season 2 at the time, but was it set in stone? Never forget the year that Gainax ruined Christmas a.k.a. Panty & Stocking.

But enough about season 1. It’s time to talk about Grande Road.

I fell behind Grande Road in episode 3 (Akira) because I didn’t want to feel bad or like Midousuji. I just wanted him to stay the gross lizard man I know and love despise. Wait, I crossed out the wrong word. Anyway, I managed to pedal my way through and catch up in about two days or so. I can’t remember anything about the episodes, though. All I can remember is.


In season 1, my friend and I texted all the time like, “Where’s Manami? Who? Manami? Who’s that?” He was NEVER AROUND. We thought he would be Biking Kaworu or at least Onoda’s rival, but he was just never there to race Onoda. I feel like the staff even forgot to draw him at times, which is a shame because he’s such a cutie.



And then…

Oh right. I forgot about the part where Manami is crazy.

This was the descent. This was the fall from AWWW BIKING ANGEL MANAMI to WHOAAA BIKING SEME MANAMI. This boy … this boy was always kind of like wonky from his “I’M ALIVE” and “I want to know what it feels like to be stabbed by a sword” quirks, but now that he’s actually up and racing Midousuji, and laughing the whole time while talking about life and death, it’s like.

Whoa. Manami.

I can’t remember anything about Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road except Manami.

As my friend said, “Manami came back into focus just to be frikkin nuts.”

Is it weird that I find him a lot more attractive now?


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