Shokugeki no Soma #1

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If all the fanservice in Shokugeki no Soma had been reserved for food porn, it might not have been such a disappointing start.

I’m going to say it right now, but I highly dislike over-the-top ecchi fanservice scenes in shows or games that don’t need it. I think it’s tasteless, disgusting, and totally unneeded. Like, some shows where the fanservice is like boobs and thighs and whatever, it’s like ‘UGH’ but I can ignore it. But in the case of Shokugeki no Soma, the show goes out of its way to have whole scenes that look like they belong in hentai anime, and it’s both boring and gross. I’m surprised there are any female fans of SnS, but I guess they’re able to put up with more ecchi crap than I am.





I remember when I debated on whether I should pick up SnS’ manga about a year back, and I ultimately decided not to, because I’m perpetually hungry. But another factor in why I didn’t pick it up is because of the ‘ecchi’ genre attached to it. Honestly, I didn’t expect THIS LEVEL of gross fanservice, but I guess it does deserve the ‘ecchi’ tag. It’s just. Why. Why. That’s all I could think of. WHY.

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Okay, anyway….

The show is about Yukihima Souma, who works in the family restaurant with his dad. The two always have cooking competitions, where they cook the same meal and get a customer to judge it. Souma always loses to his awesome dad. It’s revealed in the episode that a group of land sharks lead by a woman named Minegasaki are after the Yukihira restaurant so they can make a high-rise in the area. Souma pretty much promises that if they were ever to run out of supplies and were unable to fulfill a customer’s request, they’ll gladly hand over the land rights to Minegasaki.

We didn't ask you

We didn’t ask you

It turns out she and her group of guards have destroyed all the meat in the back supply room while Souma was at school and Souma’s dad was off somewhere. They then enter the restaurant and demand meat, with the intention of making Souma go through with his promise. You’d figure Souma wouldn’t be able to hand over land rights anyway considering he’s just a kid, but this kind of thing happens so much on TV, I’m not even sure what laws apply. Souma makes a roast using potatoes and bacon, and they’re all like, “What the hell is this garbage, we want MEAT” but the way that Souma made the roast is so amazing, the land sharks decide to back off on the Yukihira restaurant just so they can finish their meal.

The cooking and food porn is so good, why did they feel the need to add actual porn stuff. GOD.

Souma’s dad comes back and tells Souma, “So yeah … We’re closing shop. I’m going to work and stay with a friend. You should go to cooking school.” Looks like Souma used up his breakfast bacon for nothing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 9.31.22 PM

Apologize to everyone who went to school to get a culinary degree! The super-elite school that Souma got sent to reminds me a lot of the school in Kill la Kill, and it looks as crazy too.

We are also introduced to Erina, who is the female protagonist (I don’t like using the term heroine, sorry) at the end of the episode. She managed to survive a jukebox falling onto her head while she was sitting underneath a waterfall (complete with fanservice water flowing between her boobs and butt-cracks OF COURSE). She has big boobs, which normally wouldn’t even warrant a comment, but it does because I fear for her. I fear that she will just be used for cheap ecchi fanservice. I have a deep fear of this.

Overall Enjoyment: 5.5/10 – All 5.5 points given was due to the fact that I love food and I love cooking, and I loved the scene where Souma made and explained his roast. But the rest I docked because the ecchi themes are so prevalent and disgusting, I needed holy water for my eyes.


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