Gintama° #1

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I love Gintama so much, I’m glad it’s back right when school is ending.

I remember the utter joy I felt when Gintama’ was announced, and I would watch it between classes with my friend on campus, right by the Renaissance cafe. I remember the utter devastation I felt when Gintama’ ended. I tried reading the manga, but every time I caught up, I would stop and forget about it. But no more of that. Gintama° is back!!!!!!

After the customary apologies to the viewer, Gintama jumps right into the plot with the universal clock arc (what is the arc actually called). I remember reading this, but I can’t remember at all what happens, so it’s almost like I didn’t read this part in the manga at all!

Ahhh the art is so nice compared to the early 2000s

Ahhh the art is so nice compared to the early 2000s

Gin-san was entrusted with the Universal Clock on his way home from drinking by a bunch of dying Amanto, but he destroyed it the next morning along with his alarm clock. Nice going, Gin-san! On an unrelated note, Gin-san no longer uses a Justaway alarm clock, which is a shame. With the Universal Clock gone, the whole world’s time has basically stopped, with the exception of the Yorozuya trio because of their proximity to the Universal Clock before it was smashed into smithereens.

I still remembering thinking the Amanto would give him a Morphing Cube

I still remembering thinking the Amanto would give him a Morphing Cube

Wow, who remembers that really old plot about the samurai and the Amanto? Now the only Amanto that really show up in the anime are old men wearing tights, though Sorachi finally is going back to that whole story business in the manga (ALTHOUGH IT FEELS LIKE THE MANGA IS ENDING THANKS TO THAT NOOOO).

Aliens dying in an empty construction site and entrusting an important item to the unlucky passerby? It sounds a lot like Animorphs! I sure hope you get this reference and it’s not too old for you young’uns. Although the plot of this arc feels more like Steins:gate than Animorphs.

Why do I bring up Steins:gate? Well, to fix the broken Universal Clock and get time back the way it is, the Yorozuya decide to visit Gengai. Their plan is basically to set the broken clock in front of him along with a note asking him to fix it, manually move the hands of the clock into the future, and hopefully, Gengai will fix the clock and everything will be okay. It sounds like a plan, except…

Why is this Gengai's only picture?

Why is this Gengai’s only picture?

Somehow, moving the hands of the clock into the future ends up with Gengai’s death, and however he died, it must have destroyed the clock in the process because time is still frozen. It turns out that he ran into the street after picking out a fine gold nugget of a booger and was hit by a car; I suppose the clock must have also been on his person during the accident or he didn’t even get around to fixing it. Shinpachi removes the booger from Gengai’s hand so he wouldn’t charge out onto the street, and he throws it against the windshield of the truck.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.01.07 AM

But averting Gengai’s death only results in Madao’s death. First Madao gets into an accident, since he’s the one driving the truck and couldn’t see the road in front of him thanks to Gengai’s snot. Then, when they throw the booger into a nearby pile of garbage bags and cardboard boxes, it turns out he was sleeping in them and he suffocates under the booger. No matter what they do, one of them dies.

So this is Steins:Gate….

Overall Enjoyment: 9.5/10

I originally gave this a 10/10 but I didn’t want people thinking I’m biased because I’m a huge Gintama Freak, so I racked my head thinking for something I didn’t like about this episode. I took off a .5 because at this point, I’m a little tired of the Gintama anime staff’s apologies and “We’re ending!”s.


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